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Slideshow with Charm, Barrel and Dora round tables

Round Dining Tables

Transform your dining area with the elegance of Gansk’s round tables.

Slideshow with Nordic Collection

Nordic Collection

Transform your outdoor space with unparalleled comfort and style. Discover luxurious sofas, pool beds, and chaise longues perfect for relaxation.

Slideshow with giant vases

Giant Planters

Dive into the grand world of Gansk’s Giant Planters, where each piece stands as a bold declaration of style and scale.

Slideshow with Coral decorative planter

Chaise Longues

Exquisitely crafted for unparalleled comfort and timeless style, these stunning pieces elevate any outdoor space into a haven of relaxation.

Slideshow with Coral decorative planter
Decorative Planter


Smooth contours and pristine finishes that reflect an aesthetic of simplicity that complements any decor style.

Are you seeking for Modern, Elegant and Long-lasting furniture? GANSK's portfolio has solutions for both Outdoor and Indoor areas capable of transforming them into quiet and refreshing environments!

Innovative High Quality Materials

GANSK's furniture uses fiberglass-reinforced resin as the main raw material, which when combined with luxurious woods and marbles, or the highest quality fabrics, results in truly durable products with unique characteristics.

Production of Gansk Product

The Best Tool for Your Projects

The variety and quality of GANSK products make it an excellent ally for the most demanding projects. From resistance to humidity and UV rays, ideal to Lounge Bar projects, to the productive capacity to respond to Hospitality's usual high quantities. The possibilities are endless.

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