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Maison & Objet

Paris - 2022

For the first time ever, GANSK was part of one of the biggest design trade shows in the world. The brand international debut occurred at Maison & Objet 2022 and we couldn't be happier with the visitors' feedback about the new items that were launched.

With focus on the outdoor furniture, GANSK showcased all the items you need when decorating an outdoor space, such as seating options, tables and planters.

All the items were new on live trade shows, but the most recent designs were the most appreciated such as FLEX armchair which woke up curiosity of the visitors, not only due to the super elegant and modern design, but specially after testing it, assuring the comfortableness and flexibility of this unique armchair.

The huge planters - GENTLE, NOBLE and MAXIMO - were definitely a point of interest since they have a quite unique and fluid design, as well as our CORAL and SOLITARY decorative pieces, which assigns a lot of character for any indoor or outdoor project.
With a special stage to highlight the chaise longues, SPA and VOYAGE were also able to be tested by the visitors, recommending its use on residential and commercial projects, respectively.

GANSK, with its new identity that combines modernity with luxury for the outdoor spaces, dazzled its visitors with some of its unique pieces.

We hope you got positively impressed with our pieces, and we will definitely be present on more design shows near you to show that GANSK has no boundaries when it’s time to show ultimate elegance and refinement of outdoor luxury furniture.