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Elegance Near the Cávado River

Risco White House

Nestled near the picturesque Cávado River in Barcelinhos, Portugal, the Risco White House stands as an architectural marvel. Designed by Paulo Costa from Risco Singular – Arquitetura, Lda., this residence boasts a captivating blend of minimalist design and serene natural surroundings. Offering residents breathtaking views of the medieval Palace of the Dukes of Bragança and the lush green landscape, this villa is a true contemporary masterpiece.

"...a harmonious union between architecture and nature."

As you step into this serene abode, the exterior seamlessly blends with GANSK's Nordic collection. Chaise longues, inviting sofas, stylish pool beds, and elegant coffee tables adorn the pool area, elevating the outdoor living experience to a new level of comfort and sophistication. The pristine white of the Risco White House is perfectly complemented by the clean lines and contemporary design of the Nordic collection, creating a harmonious union between architecture and nature.

"...enjoy serene sunsets and the tranquil sound of the Cávado River."

The architectural form of the Risco White House is characterized by minimalist, white blocks connected by roofing panels that harmoniously unite the various shapes into a cohesive whole. These flat roofs not only connect the living areas and the garage but also provide shade and protection from excessive heat. The first-floor volume, arranged perpendicularly to the ground floor, is supported by diagonal structural columns. The entrance area is meticulously designed with small architectural elements that enhance the overall concept.

With the Risco White House, architecture and the outdoors become one, creating a symphony of life and style that speaks to the modern homeowner's heart. From the Nordic poolside sanctuary, the residents can enjoy serene sunsets and the tranquil sound of the Cávado River, making every moment an exquisite experience.

Architect: Paulo Costa (Risco Singular – Arquitetura, Lda.)
Photography: Ivo Tavares Studio