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Beach Bar & Lounge

Bar Project

GANSK was presented with the opportunity to completely redesign an amazing beach bar in Greece. The challenge for GANSK was to make the most of this huge outdoor area, accentuating its visual access to the panoramic views without compromising the functionality needed to receive all the customers.

The brand conceived the plans in which the bar has 3 main areas – dining, social and a dedicated relaxing area.

On the dining area, we decided to locate it near of the entrance for the indoor facilities for an easier connection to the meal’s preparation area. This area presents a combination of the new Charm round dining table with the redesigned Oceano chairs.

The social area was thought for support to the beach bar counter, where the classic fruit cocktails are the order of the day. This area was furnished with the elegant Oceano dining tables and, for seating, the practical Cibelle chairs where the customers can even hang their beach bags on it.

The dedicated relaxing area was intended to take especial advantage of the exterior sea views, throwing into sharp relief the vivid blue of sea and sky. On this area, delimited by the Quadra vases to give extra privacy, the sophisticated touch of some premium pieces was included to elevate its potential. Nordic and Bola sofa assures the extra comfort needed to doesn’t have any excuse to miss any sunset.