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The Brand

Focus on Design, Elegance and Simplicity

GANSK is a new furniture and decor brand that stands out for its modern, clean, and attractive designs. It is part of Albino Miranda Ltd, a firm created in 1989 with a broad portfolio of furniture, sculpture, and decor, as well as a team of over 30 dedicated and brilliant individuals.

GANSK is designed for a variety of environments, with interior solutions combining noble and luxurious materials with bold finishes in a large variety of furniture pieces. However, it is in the outdoor that GANSK shines and becomes a unique solution, combining fiberglass with the most durable finishes and materials in a wide range of options.

Bola Sofa on a Swimming Pool Ambiance
Production Phase of a Gansk Product

Commitment, Passion and Responsibility

The choice of fiberglass reinforced resins as the raw material for all GANSK pieces is based on its natural flexibility, strength, and ability to adapt to the most daring shapes, all of which are critical to GANSK's ultimate goal: to breathe new life into the furniture world with unique products that can be adapted to a variety of environments and allow complete creative freedom.

GANSK's furniture is manufactured by hand in a meticulous procedure that guarantees its high quality. This handcrafted process and the inexhaustible desire to serve well are factors that make GANSK an excellent ally in decoration, adaptable to any kind of need.

A Promising Future

At GANSK we believe that optimizing production methods, along with a sensible selection of raw materials, are key factors for a sustainable and environmentally friendly business. Our fully handmade procedures guarantee the quality and durability of the products, minimizing waste and therefore the environmental impact.
Investing every day in better quality and variety is our priority, gradually expanding our offer and allowing each customer to dream higher in their creations.
We believe that it is possible to create glamorous, unique, and irreverent environments through modern and elegant solutions, where each detail directly reflects the soul and passion of the customer.

Gansk Design Process