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Best of 2022

Discover the pieces that drew the most attention this year!


Decorative Planter
Coral decorative planter by Gansk

As one of the newest additions to the GANSK collection, the Coral decorative planter proved to be one of the biggest hits of 2022. Its unique shape, combined with the functionality it offers, has allowed this piece to become a true icon that will surely last over time.


In-Pool Chaise Longue
Nordic in-pool chaise longue by Gansk

Another great year for GANSK's Nordic in-pool chaise longue, which continues to win everyone's heart for the simple and elegant way it composes pool spaces, turning them into authentic sanctuaries of relaxation.


Bola sofa by Gansk

GANSK's Bola sofa is a piece that requires no introduction. One of the first pieces in the collection, yet one of the most recognizable, has earned its spot as one of the most sought-after pieces over the years for its distinctive and elegant shape.


Dining Table
Jade oval dining table by Gansk

The Jade dining table's elegant design has consistently placed it among the best-sellers. The fierce simplicity that it assigns to a dining room, is without a doubt Jade's strongest point, and the reason why she has conquered a prominent place in the entire collection.


Flex armchair by Gansk

Launched this year in the GANSK collection, the Flex armchair was also an unexpected revelation of great success and acceptance. Its fragile look and elegant appearance, combined with its rocking capabilities, made the Flex armchair one of the most coveted pieces in our collection.


Nordic sofa by Gansk

The Nordic sofa is no longer brand-new, yet it is another year at the top of the best pieces. Its robust look matches perfectly with its functionality, and its high-quality materials, combined with the ability to customize, are tools that allow the customer to create unique living spaces in a simple way, making it one of the most desirable pieces.

What surprises might we expect in 2023?
Only time will tell.

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